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Ecommerce Portals
A Full Guide for Ecommerce Businesses
Axomgeek is a trusted consulting and implementation partner
to businesses starting online sales. In portal development since
2013, we advocate savvy use of technologies to disrupt the way
ecommerce business is done.
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What Is An Ecommerce Portal?

Ecommerce portals are online platforms where buyer-seller trading transactions are conducted. Manufacturers and distributors launch ecommerce portals to transit their buyers to an online channel. Portals streamline the buying process by facilitating bulk ordering and enabling volume-based pricing. As of 2020, about 10-11% of surveyed manufacturers and distributors revealed that about 80-100% of their revenues was generated through ecommerce portals.

What Makes for a Viable Ecommerce Portal?

At Axomgeek, when we create solutions for electronic commerce, we focus on effective management and personalization of buying experience. We build the following functionality to achieve that.

Pricing and catalog personalization
  • Automated pricing rules.
  • Quotes with negotiated pricing.
  • Custom catalogs with pricing available only to specified corporate accounts.
  • Minimum and maximum order volume storewide or by customer.
Corporate account management
  • Self-administering.
  • Corporate account hierarchy, user roles and permissions.
  • Per-user requisition lists.
  • Multiple lists for quick order.
  • Shipment to multiple locations.
Facilitated ordering process
  • Bulk ordering.
  • Volume-based pricing.
  • Order export before submission.
  • Quick reorder of previously purchased items.
  • Multiple requisition lists per customer account.
Payment flexibility
  • Payment on account.
  • Credit card payment.
  • Check or money order.
  • Purchase order.
Mobile experience
  • Responsive user interface.
  • Instant purchase due to saved payment credentials.
  • Clear portal navigation.
  • Faceted search.
  • Barcode scanner.
  • Sales reports per various criteria: timeline, buyer, catalog (master and custom ones).
  • Reports for negotiated quotes.
  • Sales team performance (quote conversion rate, average sales cycle rate, negotiations success and more).
  • Balance and credit limits per buyer.